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Data Center Security Appliance 41000 Technical Level
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Table of Contents

  • 41000 Security System Overview
  • Software support
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41000 Security System Overview

The Check Point 41000 Security System is a high performance, scalable, carrier class solution for Service Providers and high-end data centers. Leveraging the same modules and architecture found in the 61000 Security System, the 41000 is a 6U form factor that can be equipped with up to four Security Gateway Modules (SGMs) and two Security Switch Modules (SSMs).

Component(s) Function
1-4 Security Gateway Modules (SGMs)
Runs a high performance Firewall, and other Software Blades.
1-2 Security Switch Modules (SSMs) Distributes network traffic to SGMs.
2 Chassis Management Modules (CMMs)

Monitors the chassis, the SSMs and the SGMs with zero downtime.

Note: The CMMs are shipped outside of the chassis. Make sure to insert the CMMs to the chassis, with which they were shipped.
3 AC Power Supply Units (PSU)
Provides redundant power supply to the all of the chassis' components

The 41000 Security System:

  • Is highly fault tolerant, and provides redundancy between chassis modules, power supplies and fans. Install a second chassis for more redundancy.
  • Includes a rich variety of CLI monitoring and management tools. The system can be centrally managed from Check Point Security Management server or a Multi-Domain Security Management.
  • Provides a scalable security solution that grows with the network's requirements


Software support


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