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Some pings are lost when passing through Security Gateway with enabled SecureXL
  • When performing a ping test through Security Gateway:

    • When SecureXL is enabled, some pings are lost.
    • When SecureXL is disabled, 0% of pings are lost.

  • SecureXL and kernel debug show:

    ;[SIM-...]do_outbound: got packet 0x... on cpu N of <Source_IP,1,Dest_IP,0,1>; 
    ;[SIM-...]handle_outbound_temp_conn: temporary connection expired (time); 
    ;[SIM-...]sim_pkt_send_drop_notification: recieved drop, reason: 14; 
    ;fw_log_drop_conn: Packet <dir 1, Source_IP:1 -> Dest_IP:0 IPP 1>, dropped by handle_outbound_tem, Reason: connection not found;

ICMP Echo Requests / ICMP Echo Replies are offloaded from FireWall to SecureXL as temporary connections, are expired and then are dropped by SecureXL.

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