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'threshold_config' process consumes CPU at 100% on Multi-Domain Server Technical Level
  • Output of 'top' command shows that 'threshold_config' process consumes CPU at 100% on Multi-Domain Security Management Server.

    1. Connect to MDM/MDS over SSH.
    2. Log in to Expert mode.
    3. Run the 'threshold_config' command.
    4. Close the SSH session.
    5. Open new SSH session to the MDM/MDS.
    6. Run 'top' command.

'threshold_config' process runs in an endless loop after shell is closed.

When closing a Linux shell, it sends the SIGHUP signal to its child processes.

On Multi-Domain Security Management Server / Multi-Domain Log Server, in order to protect the MDS-level operations, the SIGHUP signal that closes processes upon shell exit is disabled by design.

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