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Status "N/A" and "Abort" for all the consolidation sessions in SmartReporter Technical Level
  • SmartReporter GUI client shows Status "N/A" for all the sessions (go to 'Consolidation' tab - 'Sessions').

  • When trying to restart an existing session / create a new consolidation session, it appears to start, then the status goes into 'Abort' almost immediately.

  • $RTDIR/log_consolidator_engine/log/<Log_Server_IP_Address>/lc_rt.log file on SmartReporter machine shows:

    [LogConsolidator] Error:failed to add SOME MESSAGE inter_name (with inter_code XXX) to ATTACK_INFO InterCodeHashTable
    [LogConsolidator] Error: failed to run log_consolidator -R
    [LogConsolidator] Waiting for the DB writer thread to exit!!
    [LogConsolidator] Aborted
    [LogConsolidator] An error has occurred in the Log Consolidator.
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