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LDAP users connecting from Check Point Capsule Connect / VPN client cannot authenticate using certificate Technical Level
  • When using the Check Point Capsule Connect / VPN App on Android and iOS devices, users can successfully create a site and authenticate with user/password, but it doesn't work with certificates. Certificate enrollment works, but authentication fails.
    In SmartView Tracker there is a log with error message: "unknown user DN".
    Note: This also applies to the Windows 8.1 built-in Check Point VPN client.
  • In some cases:
    In SmartViewTracker, following error is seen:
    Reject Reason: VPN-1 Authentication Service authentication failure
  • On the devices, the users receive this error:
    Internal Error - [CCC_E_GENERAL]
  • vpnd.elg shows 15:46:14][CPLOG] CCplogUtils::FillVarArg: str: Certificate authentication is not enabled on the gateway object under the blade's authentication settings
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