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RouteD daemon crashes on ClusterXL when the 'ping' option is set on a static route
  • Static routes with enabled 'Ping' option are deleted after changing RouteD configuration (e.g., adding a static route, changing a routemap, etc.).

  • RouteD daemon crashes with core dump file in the following scenario on Active member in ClusterXL HA mode:

    1. The 'Ping' option is enabled for static routes (to ping next hop gateways to determine reachability):
      • In Clish:
        HostName> set static-route ... ping on
      • In Gaia Portal:
        'Network Management' pane - 'IPv4 Static Routes' - click on 'Add' button - add the route - in the 'Add Gateway' section, check the box 'Ping'

    2. Static routes in question are marked for export into a dynamic routing protocol using routemaps (e.g., OSPF)
  • Explanation for static routes with enabled 'Ping' option being deleted after changing RouteD configuration:

    When a configuration change is made that affects RouteD (adding static route, changing a routemap, etc.), a SIGHUP signal is sent to RouteD daemon, which causes it to re-read the configuration.

    If the 'Ping' option is enabled on a static route, on such re-initialization, the ping count is set to 0.

    This means that the next time the ping will be sent to next hop gateway, its count will be -1, and the route will be deleted until a reply to that ping arrives.

  • Explanation for RouteD daemon crash on Active member in ClusterXL HA mode:

    Static routes are deleted by RouteD daemon before the dynamic routing protocol (e.g., OSPF) is notified to remove the export from those routes.

    RouteD daemon deletes a static route when the ping count reaches -1:

    • which can be caused by the RouteD configuration change
    • which can happen when the next hop gateway does not respond to the ping for 3 retries

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