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RADIUS user connects with UID 96 although 0 is configured, and not able to run any command Technical Level
  • Windows RADIUS user cannot run any command (such as "fw ver" and "tcpdump") when connecting to the machine.

    For example:

    [Expert@hostname]# fw ver
    bash: fw: command not found
    [Expert@hostname]# cp file.test /var/log/file.test
    cp: cannont create regular file '/var/log/file.test':Permission denied

  • When running "id", the output of UID is still 96 although Super-User UID 0 is configured.

    For example:

    [Expert@hostname:0]# id uid=96(_nonlocl) gid=100(users) groups=100(users)


The user does not have Super-User permissions on the RADIUS Server.

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