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Smart-1 205, 210, 225, 3050 and 3150 Technical Level

Table of Contents

  • Smart-1 205-3150 Overview
  • Smart-1 205-3150 Downloads
  • Smart-1 205-3150 Documentation
  • Smart-1 205-3150 Known Limitations
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Smart-1 205-3150 Overview

Smart-1 appliances deliver Check Point's market leading security management software blades on a dedicated hardware platform specifically designed for mid-size and large enterprise security networks. Based upon Check Point's software blade architecture, Smart-1 appliances deliver a unified management solution for network, IPS and endpoint security with unsurpassed extensibility.

  • Provides a comprehensive set of security management Software Blades
  • Maximize efficiency with a single unified management console for network and endpoint security
  • Log and index all connections for months and years with up to 24TB built-in storage
  • Free-text search and personalized pivot analysis on logs and events in seconds
  • Wide variety of optional NICs, including copper & fiber 1GbE/10GbE and SAN interfaces
  • Maintain business continuity with redundant, hot-swappable power supplies, fans and hard drives
  • Simplify large scale security policy provisioning with Multi-Domain Security Management


Smart-1 205-3150 Downloads

Note: To download this package you will need to have a Software Subscription or Active Support plan.

Version Software Image
R81.10  See sk170416 for R81.10 images
 Note: R81.10 is not supported on Smart-1 205 and 210  
R81  See sk166715 for R81 images
 Note: R81 is not supported on Smart-1 205 and 210  
R80.40  See sk160736 for R80.40 images
R80.30  See sk144293 for R80.30 images
R80.20  R80.20 Security Management server Fresh Install
R80.10 / R77.30  Dual Image R80.10 / R77.30 SHA-256
  • R77.30 Gaia Clean Install
  • R80.10 (Take 462)
R80.10  R80.10 Gaia Fresh Install
 R80.10 Fresh Install and Upgrade from R7X
R80 / R77.30  R80 / R77.30 Dual Image for Smart-1 205 / 210 / 225 / 3050 / 3150 Appliances

This image provides:


  • If you upgrade to R80.20/30 on Smart-1 3050/3150 with Intel 82598ES 10G active network card, refer to sk146512.
  • Multi-Domain Management Server and Multi-Domain Log Server are supported only on Smart-1 3050 and 3150
  • Smart-1 25B, 205, and 210 appliances with default memory can run Security Management OR Log Server OR SmartEvent.
  • We recommend that you upgrade the memory of Smart-1 205 to 16GB as part of the upgrade to R80.30.
  • Smart-1 210 with memory extension to 16GB can run Security Management AND/OR Log Server AND/OR SmartEvent.


Smart-1 205-3150 Documentation

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Smart-1 Documentation
Smart-1 Appliances Image Management Guide
Check Point Appliances Replacing Expansion Line Cards
Check Point Appliances Replacing Transceivers
Smart-1 205/210 Appliances Getting Started Guide
Smart-1 205/210 Appliances Quick Start Guide
Smart-1 225 Appliance Quick Start Guide
Smart-1 3050 Appliance Quick Start Guide
Smart-1 3150 Appliance Quick Start Guide
Smart-1 225/3050/3150 Appliances Getting Started Guide
Smart-1 225/3050/3150 Installing the Telescoping Rails
Smart-1 225/3050/3150 Replacing Hard Disk Drives
Smart-1 205/210/225/3050/3150 Appliances Installing and Removing Memory
Smart-1 225/3050/3150 Replacing Cooling Fans
Smart-1 225/3050/3150 Installing a Lights Out Management (LOM) Card
Smart-1 3050/3150 Installing and Removing a SAN Card
Smart-1 225/3050/3150 Replacing AC Power Supply Units
Smart-1 225/3050/3150 RAID Administration Guide
Smart-1 225/3050/3150 Lights Out Management (LOM) Administration Guide
Smart-1 205/210/225/3050/3150 Appliances R80.10 Image Management Guide (Dual Image)


Smart-1 205-3150 Known Limitations

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ID Symptoms
- The size of the R80.10 / R77.30 Dual Image and of the R80 / R77.30 Dual Image for these Smart-1 appliances exceeds the capacity of a DVD disc.
Users should use the ISOmorphic Tool (build 160 and above) from sk65205.
01402144 R75.47 SecurePlatform does not support more than 64GB RAM
01382962 R75.47 SecurePlatform does not support Multi-Domain Management
01402145 Smart-1 150 with RAID-6 on 12 HDDs does not support partitions larger than 16TB
(applies to both Gaia and SecurePlatform)
01382323 CPUSE Agent does not support major versions
The Gaia Clish show asset command does not show expansion line cards and SAN cards
01400613 SmartView Monitor on Smart-1 225 shows the disk size as 0

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