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How to save time and date stamps in a file name using clish -c command Technical Level

If you want to save a file with out overwriting other files, or save an output using clish commands from Expert mode without overwriting previous output files:

  1. Log into Expert mode under the command line interface.
  2. Run clish -c "<clish command> <nameoffile>$(date +%d_%m_%Y_%H_%M_%S).<file extension>"
  3. Verify the output file name with ls -l
  • d - Date
  • m - Month
  • Y - full year, y - last two numbers in the year
  • H - Hour
  • M - Minute
  • S - Second

Example [Expert@gateway:0]# clish -c "save config runningconfig$(date +%d_%m_%Y_%H_%M_%S).txt"

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