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"FDE Step 2 error" when machine is booting Technical Level
  • "FDE Step 2 error" message is received when machine is booting.
  • Machine stuck in "Setup Protection" during installation and the logs show that FDE_srv crashed after defragmentation.

1.  The scan_log.txt file from cpinfo pre-boot shows that there are two different settings for the HDD:

One HDD is UEFI (GPT):

Partition: {c7346ca4-83a5-48f8-a61c-7e9b47e14cdd} Device: 0
Partition type: {d3bfe2de-3daf-11df-ba40-e3a556d89593}
Start sector: 38514688
End sector: 46903296
Protected: No

Second HDD is MBR:

Partition: 0 Device: 1
Partition type: 7
Start sector: 2048
End sector: 976773120
Protected: No


2.  In the dlog_first.txt file, you will see the that FDE_srv will crash after Defrag:

20160616 235219,280-0400 I FDE_srv.exe:1b04 DefragJob Defrag of file \\?\Volume{fa98acc6-0000-0000-0000-100000000000}\PROT_INS.SYS successful. Method: [none]
20160616 235220,562-0400 E FDE_srv.exe:1b04 An unexpected problem has occurred and FDE_srv needs to close.
20160616 235220,562-0400 E FDE_srv.exe:1b04 An error report has been saved in
20160616 235220,562-0400 E FDE_srv.exe:1b04 C:\ProgramData\CheckPoint\Endpoint Security\Full Disk Encryption\CrashDumps\FDE_srv.160616235219.dmp.

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