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Upgrade to R77.10 and above on 13500, 13800, 21600, 21700 appliances Technical Level
  • Values of Hardware Sensors readings are out of range.

  • LOM card WebUI is inaccessible at times.

  • Gaia Clish is lagging.


When upgrading to R77.10 or above on 13500, 13800, 21600, 21700 appliances, it is recommended to update the Lights Out Management (LOM) firmware:

  1. On appliances running R77 and below, install the hotfix from sk94639 - IPMI errors and LOM stability issues on 13500, 13800, 21600, 21700 appliances.

  2. Install the recommended LOM firmware:

    LOM firmware
    13500, 13800 1.27 or later
    21600, 21700 1.25 or later
  3. Upgrade to R77.10 or above.



  • Appliances received from the factory with R77.10 (or above) installed, already have the appropriate LOM firmware and do not require any further action (connect to Gaia Portal - go to "Maintenance" section - click on "Factory Defaults" page - verify that R77.10 or above appears in the list of images)
  • If you received your appliance from the factory with R77.10 or above, and would like to downgrade the software version to R77 or lower, you are advise to install a hotfix from sk94639.


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