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How to re-image SMB appliances firmware version using USB Flash Drive Technical Level

It contains instructions to re-burning firmware on SMB appliances - 600/700/900/1100/1400 using USB Flash Drive / Disk on key.

These instructions should be followed only if recommended by Check Point Support.

Please Note! Burning a firmware using USB flash drive causes a reset of the device to Factory Settings (the only difference is in the firmware version).

Burning the firmware version *.img file on the SMB appliance using USB Flash Drive should be made in the following steps:

  1. Take a USB Drive / Disk on key (formatted to FAT32 system).
  2. Copy the image file you received from the technical support engineer to the root folder. Do not rename the image file.
  3. Make sure the top folder of the USB drive does not contain any previous Boot loader or firmware images.
  4. Connect the USB drive to one of the USB ports in the appliance USB1 or USB2 and wait for the appliance to identify the drive. The appropriate USB led will light up.
  5. Disconnect the appliance from the power source, While the flash drive still connected to the appliance.
  6. Plug the PSU back and wait (about 30 seconds) until the burning process starts automatically.
  7. While burning process is running, all the LAN leds will blink (Each led blinks at a different speed), As same as Factory Reset. [for 700/900/1400 appliances, the LEDs will not blink together]
  8. Please leave the device without touching it for 10 minutes. Do not disconnect the electricity. Once finished, all LAN LEDs will turn solid green.
  9. Wait for the appliance to finish rebooting.
  10. Remove the Flash Drive / Disk on key from the appliance.

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