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Core dump files are not compressed on Gaia OS after upgrading from SecurePlatform OS Technical Level
  • Core dump files are generated as expected - /var/log/dump/usermode/*.core, but files are not compressed (*.core.gz).

  • Issue occurs on the machine that was upgraded from SecurePlatform OS to Gaia OS.

  • Issue does not occur on the machine with cleanly installed Gaia OS.

The following line is missing from the value of /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern parameter:

[Expert@Gaia]# cat /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern

The /etc/sysctl.conf file contains the core dump pattern.
By design, during the upgrade, the /etc/sysctl.conf file is not changed (to keep the user's settings).

The kernel core dump pattern differs between SecurePlatform OS and Gaia OS:

  • On SecurePlatform OS:
    [Expert@SecurePlatform]# grep core_pattern /etc/sysctl.conf
    kernel.core_pattern = /var/log/dump/usermode/%e.%p.core
    [Expert@SecurePlatform]# cat /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern
  • On Gaia OS:
    [Expert@Gaia]# grep core_pattern /etc/sysctl.conf
    kernel.core_pattern = |/etc/coredump/ /var/log/dump/usermode/%e.%p.core
    [Expert@Gaia]# cat /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern
    |/etc/coredump/ /var/log/dump/usermode/%e.%p.core

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