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"Message to User: An error has occurred while processing this DLP message" Alert log in SmartView Tracker Technical Level
  • DLP blade drops SMTP, HTTP and FTP traffic.

  • SmartView Tracker logs show:

    • Message to User: An error has occurred while processing this DLP message
    • Message to User: A time out has occurred while processing this DLP message


  • After rebooting the DLP Gateway, everything works properly for some time, and then the issue starts again.

  • $FWDIR/log/dlpu.elg file (under debug of DLPU daemon) shows:

    [ PID][Date Time][DLP_ASYNC] dlp_async_message_handler :: got message (...&Async cp_file_convert extraction failed...) request_id=..., res=0
    [ PID][Date Time][DLP_SCANNER] dlpu_scanner_async_engine_result: [...] engine returned id='{...}' err_code=-1 action=0 track=0 opaque=[...]
    [ PID][Date Time][DLPU_MNGR_BACKEND] dlpu_backend_resume_ex: [...] dlp engine returned fatal error. DLP SCAN FAILED!
    [ PID][Date Time][DLPU_MNGR_BACKEND] dlpu_backend_resume_ex: [...] http block_on_engine_error detected. converting action to allow
    [ PID][Date Time][DLPU_MNGR_BACKEND] dlpu_backend_resume_ex: [...] Sending special error log about this failure
    [ PID][Date Time][DLPU_MNGR_LOGGING] dlpu_send_special_log: [...] descr='An error has occurred while processing this DLP message'
    [ PID][Date Time][DLPU_MNGR_BACKEND] dlpu_backend_resume_ex: [...] scan failed but final action is '(null)'. resuming connection
    [ PID][Date Time][DLPU_MNGR_BACKEND] dlpu_backend_resume_ex: [...] finished: action=1.
  • $FWDIR/log/fwdlp.elg file (under debug of FWDLP daemon) shows:

    [fwdlp PID ...]@HostName[Date Time] [{...}] [DLP_ERROR] dlpe_analyze_do :: Async cp_file_convert extraction failed
    [fwdlp PID ...]@HostName[Date Time] dlpe_general_properties_action_upon_error 
    [fwdlp PID ...]@HostName[Date Time] dlp_action_get_str 
    [fwdlp PID ...]@HostName[Date Time] [{...}] [DLP_ERROR] dlpe_analyze_do :: Internal error in engine == > Changing action to allow (message id:{...})
  • $FWDIR/log/cp_file_convertd.elg file (under debug of CP_FILE_CONVERT daemon) shows:

    [cp_file_convertd PID ...]@HostName[Date Time] [] [DLP_ERROR] cpfc_extract_and_convert :: File extraction failed for Transmitted data

The DLP engine is stuck while processing AutoCad files.

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