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What's New in Mobile Access R77.10 Technical Level

Mobile Access VSX Support

New Mobile Access features support per VS: Mobile Access Portal and the Mobile/Mobile Enterprise clients.

You can use different VS for:

  • Different user types (employees, partners etc.) and different VPN client types
  • Customize the login requirements (authentication schemes, endpoint health checks)
  • Customize the Mobile Access Portal display

In addition, configuring several VS gateways on one physical appliance will increase the SSL throughput per appliance.

For delpoyment options refer to "Deployments with VSX" in R77 Mobile Access Administration Guide (with R77.10 updates).

Mobile Access IPv6 support

The SSLVPN portal and Mobile Enterprise support IPv6 for remote users connecting with IPv6 addresses (on the external internet facing interface).

SNX and other VPN clients IPv6 are not yet supported.

Mobile Enterprise Enhancements

  • Push Notifications - Receive incoming emails and meeting requests while the iOS or Android app is in the background.
    In addition, helps preserve battery and data-plan charges.
  • Remote wipe - Removes the offline data cached inside the container once the user certificate is revoked.

For configuration and troubleshooting information refer to "Push Notification", "Remote Wipe" in R77 Mobile Access Administration Guide (with R77.10 updates).

MDM Cooperative Enforcement

Security gateway queries the MDM server before allowing remote login from the mobile device. MDM server response is logged and noncompliant devices may be blocked by the security gateway.

For a list of supported MDM servers refer to sk98201.

For configuration and troubleshooting information refer to "MDM Cooperative Enforcement" in R77 Mobile Access Administration Guide (with R77.10 updates).

HTML5 Web socket support

Allows remote terminal access from within the browser, without a pre-installed RDP/VDI client.

For a list of supporting browsers and supported Web socket servers refer to sk95311.

Multiple authentication realms in Mobile Access Portal

Allow the end user to select an authentication realm. An authentication realm is defined by authentication factors (one or more) and user directory.

For configuration information refer to "Multiple Realms" in R77 Mobile Access Administration Guide (with R77.10 updates).

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