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Policy installation fails with "TCP connection failure port=18191 [error no. 10]" and "Load on Module failed - no memory" Technical Level
  • Policy installation fails with error:
    Installation failed. Reason: TCP connection failure (port=18191)(IP= IP_address_of_Security_Gateway) [error no. 10]
    Load on Module failed - no memory

  • Fetching policy on the Security Gateway under debug ('fw -d fetch IP_address_of_MGMT_Server') shows incorrect Security Gateway's HostName:
    Fetching FW1 Security Policy From:
    get_policy: Explicit IP is used. This IP can take precedence in the fetch .
    get_server_info_for_fetch: an IP (Hex_IP_Address) with precedence was found
    opsec_init_entity_sic: called for the client side
    opsec_init_entity_sic: Authentication not initialized...
    opsec_init_entity_sic: in a CP product - no rules added to SIC
    Could not find info for ...opsec_client...
    opsec_get_comm: Creating session hash (size=256)
    opsec_get_comm: ADDING comm=(Hex_IP_Address to ent=(Hex_IP_Address with key=2
    resolver_gethostbyname: Performing gethostbyname for Gateway_HostName
    fwasync_connect_timeout: X timedout
    opsec_auth_client_connected: connection to server failed.
    comm failed to connect 0x...
    OPSEC_SET_ERRNO: err =  8  Comm is not connected/Unable to connect (pre =  0)
    Reason: TCP connectivity failure ( port = 18191 )( IP = IP_address_of_MGMT_Server )[ error no. 10 ].
     Policy Fetch Failed
  • Rebooting the Security Gateway may resolve the issue for a while.


Machine's hostname configured in the /etc/hosts file on the Security Gateway differs from the name of the Security Gateway object in SmartConsole.

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