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Anti-Spoofing might be enforced incorrectly in specific scenarios on R75.47 Security Gateway

Solution ID: sk98087
Severity: High
Product: Security Gateway, SmartDashboard
Version: R75.47
Date Created: 14-Jan-2014
Last Modified: 14-Jan-2014
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  • Anti-Spoofing might be enforced incorrectly on R75.47 Security Gateway after the following operations:

    1. Change routing table on the Security Gateway (e.g., add a static route).
    2. Perform the "Get - Interfaces with Topology" operation in Security Gateway object ('Topology' pane).

  • This issue affects only R75.47 Security Gateway and R75.47 Management Server.

  • Hotfix is provided for R75.47.

To solve this issue, install this improved SmartConsole.

Applies To:
  • 01337628 , 01338559 , 01338668 , 01339287
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