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"show arp" command on VSX Gateway shows the ARP table only for Virtual System 0
  • On a VSX machine, the output of the CLISH command 'show arp' shows the ARP table only for Virtual System 0, even if the command is run from the context of a different Virtual System.


    • In Expert mode (Bash shell):
      [admin@VSX:0 ~]# vsenv 3
      Context is set to Virtual Device vs3 (ID 3).
      [admin@VSX:3 ~]#
      [admin@VSX:3 ~]# arp -an 
      ? ( at 00:22:64:96:AF:68 [ether] on bond0.59
      ? ( at 00:14:22:0A:A0:32 [ether] on bond0.59
      ? ( at 00:50:56:8B:7A:65 [ether] on bond0.59
      ? ( at 00:15:C5:FB:B6:5C [ether] on bond0.59
      ? ( at 00:1E:13:C0:4B:80 [ether] on bond0.59
      ? ( at 00:50:56:B9:30:AC [ether] on bond0.59
      [admin@VSX:3 ~]# 
    • In CLISH:
      [admin@VSX:3 ~]# clish
      VSX:0> set virtual-system 3
      Context is set to vsid 3
      VSX:3> show arp dynamic all
      Dynamic Arp Parameters
      IP Address                 Mac Address                            00:21:5E:53:95:4E              00:15:17:9E:8C:69             00:1E:13:C0:4B:80              00:15:17:51:C9:FD
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