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VSX reconfiguration operation fails with "Interface 'interface_name' exists in the management database, but not on the gateway" error
  • VSX Gateway / VSX cluster member reconfiguration operation (e.g., 'vsx_util reconfigure', 'vsx_util add_member_reconf') fails with the following error:

    Error: Interface 'interface_name' exists in the management database, but not on the gateway.


    [Expert@MGMT:0]# vsx_util add_member_reconf
    Enter Security Management Server/main Domain Management Server IP address (Hit 'ENTER' for 'localhost'): X.X.X.X 
    Enter Administrator Name: admin
    Enter Administrator Password: yyy 
    Enter VSX gateway/member object name to reconfigure: Member_C 
    Enter Activation Key: zzz
    Retype Activation Key: zzz
    Certificate revocation started for Member_C. 
    Certificate revocation succeeded for Member_C. 
    Certificate creation succeeded for Member_C. 
    Checking connectivity with Member_C ... 
    Connectivity test for Member_C succeeded. 
    Fetching configuration information from Member_C ... 
    Configuration information from Member_C fetched successfully. 
    Verifying configuration information for Member_C ... 
    **** Error: Interface 'sit0' exists in the management database, but not on the gateway. 
    **** If this interface is not in use, please remove it from the VSX 'my_cluster' Physical Interfaces tab. 
    **** Configuration information for Member_C failed verification. 
    Aborting reconfiguration ... 
    Database saved successfully.
    ===================== SUMMARY ===================== 
    **** Reconfigure gateway operation failed.

Possible reasons:

  • The physical slave interface is really missing on the VSX Gateway.
  • The physical slave interface was not deleted from the VSX object in SmartDashboard.
  • The Bond interface does not have an IP address or a VLAN assigned to it.
  • The name of the physical slave interface is 'sit0' (interface that used for IPv6 tunneling), and IPv6 is not configured on the VSX Gateway.

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