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SmartView Monitor shows "subscription Status: Unknown" for Anti-Bot, Anti-Spam, or Anti-Virus blades
  • When clicking on a Security Gateway object in SmartView Monitor, the following status is shown in "Anti-Bot & Anti-Virus" section:

    • Anti-Bot subscription Status: Unknown
    • Anti-Spam subscription Status: Unknown
    • Anti-Virus subscription Status: Unknown

  • When clicking on 'More...' in "Anti-Bot & Anti-Virus" section, the 'Anti-Spam' information is not displayed at all.

  • When clicking on 'More...' in "Anti-Spam" section, the Anti-Spam 'General Info' appears correctly.


SmartView Monitor does not report correct "Status" if none of these three blades has a valid license - Anti-Bot, Anti-Spam, and Anti-Virus.

In addition, the Anti-Spam information should not appear in the "Anti-Bot & Anti-Virus" section.

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