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After an upgrade, SmartEvent does not show any events, and CPSEAD process crashes Technical Level
  • After an upgrade, SmartEvent does not show any events.

  • $RTDIR/conf/cpsea_offline_jobs.C file on the Correlation Unit is empty.

  • Restarting the CPSEAD daemon manually shows:

    [CPSEAD ...]@HostName[Date Time] CPPRODIS_init_error_logging_ex: initialized error logging for product 'Reporting Module' application 'CPSEAD'. Log file is not set.
    [CPSEAD ...]@HostName[Date Time] --> 0x... CExeContextsManager::c'tor
    [CPSEAD ...]@HostName[Date Time] <-- 0x... CExeContextsManager::c'tor
    [CPSEAD ...]@HostName[Date Time] COfflineJobsConf::SetOfflineJobsConf: Failed to read offline jobs conf
    [CPSEAD ...]@HostName[Date Time] --> 0x... CExeContextsManager::d'tor
    [CPSEAD ...]@HostName[Date Time] <-- 0x... CExeContextsManager::d'tor
  • After enabling generation of core dump files per sk92764 / sk53363, core dump files for 'cpsead' process were generated in the /var/log/dump/usermode/ directory.

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