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Endpoint Security Suite and Remote Access Clients E80.42 Known Limitations Technical Level

This article lists all of the known limitations of Endpoint Security Suite and Remote Access Clients E80.42.

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Important notes:

For more information on Endpoint Security Clients E80.42, refer to sk95766 (Endpoint Security Client & Remote Access VPN Clients E80.42) and sk95767 (Endpoint Security Client & Remote Access VPN Clients E80.42 Resolved Issues).

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Table of Contents

  • Endpoint Security E80.42 Clients for Windows
    • Compliance
    • Full Disk Encryption
    • Anti-Malware
    • Media Encryption & Port Protection
    • Application Control
    • Localized Client UI
  • Remote Access VPN E80.42 Clients for Windows
  • Endpoint Security E80.42 Client for Mac OS X

Endpoint Security E80.42 Clients for Windows

ID Symptoms

If file path in a Compliance check is disabled, it is not ignored. You must remove the file path from the Compliance check to ignore it.

Full Disk Encryption

The touchpad on the docking station for Samsung Ativ 700T1C does not work in Pre-boot.

Workaround: Use the touchscreen in Pre-boot, even when docked.


Full Disk Encryption Recovery Media Creation for 32-bit UEFI systems is not possible from SmartConsole after upgrade to an R77 management server.

Workaround: See sk97645 to export the recovery file from SmartConsole and create recovery media on a local client using the standalone UseRec tool.

After the Contextual Scan is complete, the AM blade is stuck showing the progress state as "Scanning 100%", and the Contextual scan is greyed out. The status refreshes only after the On-Demand/Scheduled scan runs.
01254635 If a file on a network drive is infected, an Anti-malware scan on a computer with access to the network drive does not detect the infection. The infection is found in an on-access scan of the file, or a scan of the computer where the network drive is physically connected.
If an infection is detected on a CD drive the remediation fails since the client only has read permissions to the drive. Each scan afterwards will also scan the infected file. The computer stays infected until a scan runs when the CD drive is not mapped to the computer.
The progress window of an On-access scan might show wrong details in the "Scanning" and "Scan Duration" fields.
When extracting an archive, an Anti-Malware On-Access scan starts to scan all the files in the archive. If the client UI is open during the scan, the status of the Anti-Malware blade will flicker and show wrong statuses.
01264258 If an infected file is downloaded by Internet Explorer, it is detected by Anti-Malware in the Internet Explorer caching folder. Anti-Malware might fail to delete the file while it is open in Internet Explorer. The infection will be treated on a scan performed after the file finishes downloading.

When outbound traffic to the Anti Malware signatures server is blocked by the Endpoint Firewall policy, clients will not get updates.

Workaround: Set the Endpoint server as the signature source with an outbound rule that allows traffic to the Endpoint server.

Media Encryption & Port Protection
Authorization fails for devices that contain ZIP files larger than 3.5GB.
Application Control

On Windows 8.1 clients running Application Control, if the administrator configured undefined applications to be blocked, the Windows service svchost is blocked.

To use Application Control on Windows 8.1 clients, add svchost.exe as an allowed application.

Localized Client UI
UserCheck uses the language from the locale of the computer instead of the selected language.
01136123 In the Japanese version of the client UI, the VPN page is only partially translated.
In a Japanese environment, the Scan Now button does not show correctly.
In the Japanese client UI, the WebCheck button does not show the full Japanese text.

Remote Access VPN E80.42 Clients for Windows

ID Symptoms
In SmartDashboard-managed Endpoint Security VPN, FTP does not work in the command line on Windows 8.1.
01258156 If you turn the Location Awareness detection feature on or off, the change is not applied by the client when a site has secondary gateways and secondary connect is enabled.

Endpoint Security E80.42 Client for Mac OS X

ID Symptoms
If FireFox v24 is installed, and the administrator creates a rule that checks if FireFox is always running, the Compliance blade does not detect it and reports that it is not running.

Clients with Mac OSX 10.6 cannot communicate with the Endpoint Security Management Server in strong authentication mode. Therefore the Client stays offline and its status is stuck on  "Waiting for Policy"

Mac OSX10.6 clients can only connect to the Endpoint Security Management Server sever working in non-authenticated mode.

For known limitations of previous releases, see sk82101 (Endpoint Security E80.40 Known Limitations) - Mac Clients Only

This solution is about products that are no longer supported and it will not be updated

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