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Support Debug Tools Technical Level

This article lists a variety of monitoring, debug and Support Tools. The below list will be updated each time a new tool will be introduced.

Configuration snapshot

Tools for collecting and viewing of comprehensive machine configuration.

Tool Name Description Link
CPInfo CPInfo is a tool that collects diagnostics data on a customer's machine at the time of execution and uploads it to Check Point servers. This is the main Support tool for data collections and analysis. The tool also provides the ability to upload the output and any additional files to the Check Point FTP server in a secure way. sk92739
IPSO Configuration Summary Tool (CST) A script located under /etc, that creates a file that summarizes the current configuration of your IPSO OS in HTML format. sk39284
CP Uploader GUI-based Utility The Check Point Uploader GUI-based utility provides the ability to upload files that were requested by Check Point Support to Check Point User Center.
Note: This tool requires your User Center credentials for authentication.
DiagnosticsView DiagnosticsView is a Windows desktop tool that replaces InfoView application.
DiagnosticsView offers a graphical representation of the CPInfo data. 


Performance and monitoring

Tools for monitoring and reporting of performance and resources utilization.

Tool Name Description Link
Performance Sizing Utility ('cpsizeme') The 'cpsizeme' is a lightweight shell script that produces a detailed performance report of a Check Point Security Gateway. This script measures the ongoing resource utilization on a Security Gateway during the given time period. During this period, the script gathers information about CPU, memory consumption, throughput and a few other important performance parameters. sk88160
Manage Partition Size with LVM Manager Modify partition volume in an easy and simplified way. This is for Gaia OS only at the moment. sk95566
FW Monitor A powerful built-in tool for capturing network traffic on Security Gateway. The 'FW Monitor' utility captures network packets at multiple capture points along the FireWall inspection chains. sk30583

CPMonitor Utility is targeted to analyze traffic captured by tcpdump / snoop / Check Point FW Monitor.

It parses the input traffic capture file and extracts valuable information from it, including:

  • Overall traffic statistics (pps, cps, concurrent, throughput)
  • Top connections, top servers and top services
  • Detailed connections, servers and services (with packet size distribution)
  • Per second analysis
Packet Injector Enables to test rule-base enforcement on Security Gateway for specific connections by injecting the relevant packets into an interface and analyzing the Check Point logs. sk110865

CPView Utility is a text-based built-in utility (on Gaia OS and SecurePlatform OS) that can be run ('cpview' command) on Security Gateway / Security Management Server / Multi-Domain Security Management Server.

CPView Utility shows statistical data that contain both general system information (CPU, Memory, Disk space) and information for different Software Blades (only on Security Gateway). The data is continuously updated in easy to access views.

On Security Gateway, this statistical data can be used to monitor machine's performance.


Analysis of Connections Table (that was collected on Security Gateway) to optimize the rulebase - e.g., for SecureXL to accelerate more packets.

Note: This tool exists only for Windows OS.

Identity Collector  Check Point Identity Collector is a Windows-based application which collects information about identities and their associated IP addresses, and sends it to the Check Point Security Gateways for identity enforcement.  sk108235
CPPCAP 'CPPCAP' is a traffic capture tool which provides the most relevant outputs and is similar to Tcpdump. The tool is adjusted to Gaia operating system yet requires installation of an applicable RPM  sk141412 
CPU Spike Detective The CPU Spike Detective is a tool that monitors the system CPU usage and checks for the spikes. This tool does not impact the device performance. sk166454
Top Connections Tool The Top Connections Tool unites all top connections from all CoreXL Firewall instances into one view.
With the Top Connections Tool, you filter the information by applicable CPU Core / CoreXL Firewall Instance / CPU Load, or export the information to an output file.
IKEView The IKEView utility is a Check Point tool created to assist in analysis of the ike.elg (IKEv1) and ikev2.xmll files. sk30994


Appliances diagnostics and sizing

Tools for choosing and testing your Check Point Appliances hardware.

Tool Name Description Link
Hardware Diagnostics Tool Diagnose your Check Point Appliance for hardware issues. sk97251
Appliance Sizing Tool Helps choose the right appliance for your needs in order to meet your Security requirements (UserCenter - 'Quoting' menu - 'Appliance Sizing Tool'). Link
Health Check Perform an automated health check of the system. sk121447


Software Installation Aids

Tools for finding, installing and configuring the correct installation packages.

Tool Name Description Link
Upgrade Wizard Helps customers find the right installation package for smooth and seamless upgrade / fresh installation process. Link
CPUSE (Gaia Software Updates) Gaia Software Updates is an advanced and intuitive system for software deployment on Gaia-based systems. This is a new installation method, which allows to download and install software updates via the Gaia Portal or Gaia Clish. Gaia Software Updates support deployments of HotFixes, Upgrade packages and Fresh Install images. sk92449
Central Deployment Tool (CDT) The Central Deployment Tool (CDT) is a utility that runs on an Security Management Server / Multi-Domain Security Management Server (running Gaia OS).
It allows the administrator to automatically install CPUSE Offline packages (Hotfixes, Jumbo Hotfix Accumulators (Bundles), Upgrade to a Minor Version, Upgrade to a Major Version) on multiple managed Security Gateways and Cluster Members at the same time.
The CDT uses CPUSE (Gaia Software Updates) Agents on the remote managed Security Gateways and Cluster Members to perform package installation. The CDT monitors and manages the entire process.
ISOmorphic Utility for making a bootable ISO to be used for a fresh installation of Check Point software. sk65205


Additional Tools / Features / Services

Tool Name Description Link
"Sync with UserCenter" feature Lets users synchronize certain information regarding their environment to UserCenter account.
The additional information that is presented in the UserCenter account enables:
  • Better inventory management
  • A pro-active support
  • Better and faster tickets resolution
CheckMe - Instant Security Check This service allows simulating various attacks that can affect your computer and information on your network.
The summary report shows the possible vulnerabilities of your computer to Phishing / Malicious sites, Malware / Ransomware, and Data Leakage / Exfiltration.
PerfCollect tool - Troubleshooting performance impact on machine with Endpoint Security Client installed Sometimes a user may experience performance impact on a machine with Endpoint Security Client / SandBlast Agent installed. 
PerfCollect tool assists in troubleshooting the performance impact.


Revision History

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18 Feb 2021
  • IKEView utility was added
25 Jun 2020
  • CPU Spike Detective was added
02 Sep 2019
  • PerfCollect tool was added
17 Jun 2018
  • DiagnosticsView was added
05 Jan 2017
  • "CheckMe - Instant Security Check" service was added
29 Dec 2016
  • Central Deployment Tool (CDT) utility was added
23 Nov 2016
  • CP Uploader Command Line utility was removed as deprecated
10 Aug 2016
  • "Sync with UserCenter" feature was added
21 Jun 2016
  • Packet Injector utility was added
31 Jan 2016
  • CP Uploader GUI-based utility was added
23 Mar 2015
  • ConnStat utility was added
05 Nov 2014
  • CPMonitor utility was added
04 Sep 2014
  • CPView utility was added
19 Jan 2014
  • CP Uploader utility was added
19 Dec 2013
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