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Check Point R75.20 HFA 40 (R75.20.40) for 600 / 1100 Appliance and Security Gateway 80 Technical Level

Table of Contents

  • What's New in Check Point R75.20 HFA 40 for 600 / 1100 Appliance and Security Gateway 80
  • Check Point R75.20 HFA 40 Downloads
  • Check Point R75.20.x Documentation
  • Check Point R75.20 HFA 40 Enhancements
  • Check Point R75.20 HFA 40 Resolved Issues


For more information, see the Check Point 1100 Appliance Product Page and Check Point 600 Appliance Product Page. You can also visit our 2012 Models Security Appliances forum or any other Check Point discussion forum to ask questions and get answers from technical peers and Support experts.

Important Note: This may not be the latest firmware release. To see the latest firmware release, refer to sk97766.

What's New in Check Point R75.20 HFA 40 for 600 / 1100 Appliance and Security Gateway 80

  • POP3 protocol scanning for Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam blades
  • Support for Read-Only administrators
  • Acceleration improvements
  • VPN enhancements
  • Local URL Filtering exceptions
  • Localization for Japanese

    Check Point R75.20 HFA 40 Downloads

    Note: To download these packages you will need to have a Software Subscription or Active Support plan.

    Note: Effective January 5, 2014, the firmware have been replaced resolving 01338264 (in the "Check Point R75.20 HFA 40 Resolved Issues" table).


    Check Point R75.20.x Documentation


    Check Point R75.20 HFA 40 Enhancements

    The following enhancements were incorporated into Check Point R75.20 HFA 40 for 600 / 1100 Appliance and Security Gateway 80:

    ID Symptoms
    01265152 Added support for POP3 protocol scanning for the Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam blades.
    00265096 Added support for the Novatel USB 551L modem.
    01272017 Added support for these modems on Security Gateway 80 appliances: Sierra 320U, Sierra 313U.
    01306490 The Check Point 1100 Appliance can now be configured to fetch the CRL and SNX client using the internal IP address of the Security Management Server and not a NATed address.
    01286325 SecureXL remains enabled and is not turned off automatically when ISP redundancy is configured in High Availability mode.
    01269083 Added WebUI and CLI support for getting administrator permissions from Radius Server.
    01269562 Added CLI support for defining a read-only administrator.
    01234420 Added CLI commands for setting up an ADSL connection.
    01310139 Changed hotspot maximum timeout value to 30 days.
    01302719 You can change the Endpoint renegotiation time in a locally managed 1100 appliance or a 600 appliance.
    01205299 Added support for read-only administrators.
    01255793 Added support for using the backslash character "\" in the WiFi password field.
    01274041 Localized the WebUI for Japanese.
    00262299 Added the ability to configure local URL Filtering exceptions in a centrally managed 1100 Check Point Appliance.

    Check Point R75.20 HFA 40 Resolved Issues

    The following issues have been resolved with Check Point R75.20 HFA 40 for 600 / 1100 Appliance and Security Gateway 80:

    Table of Contents

    • Networking
    • Configuration
    • WebUI
    • VPN
    • CLI
    • SecureXL
    • Identity Awareness
    ID Symptoms
    01303455 When configuring a bridge between two networks, the "Active Computers" tab does not show the computers' MAC addresses that connect to that bridge (only the IP is shown).
    01303511 When WLAN is a member in the LAN1-SW switch, changes made to "DHCP Server Options" are not saved.
    01338264 Creating a static route for a specific host fails with "error: IP address does not match the given mask".
    01320277 Hotspot and Captive Portal do not show login page in Chrome on iOS.
    01309088 In some instances, enabling Hotspot mode on Check Point 1100 Appliances causes /fwtmp to reach full capacity.
    01310018 Logs are not sent to a Domain Management Server (CMA).
    01302577 An internal DNS server hidden behind a gateway's IP address (hide NAT) cannot be reached from outside.
    01306050 Installing policy fails when more than ten Check Point 1100 appliances are configured. Refer to sk97867.
    01260951 WebUI is not supported on IE11.
    01220597, 01104798, 01201490 In some instances, drag and drop does not work in RuleBase grids.
    01224609 Status description for VTI interface is missing.
    01230080 VTI route disappears after rebooting.
    01313550 Issues in VTI creation and updating process.
    01313747 VTI static routes disappear when you refresh an internet connection.
    01292542 When VPN Site-2-Site is configured with a certificate and a pre-shared secret is not given, VPN configuration is not applied and VPN cannot be established.
    01306510 Permanent VPN tunnels are shown as down when a remote gateway uses Dynamic IP.
    01267702 As a result of two adjacent networks in an Encryption Domain being united into one larger subnet, establishing a VPN tunnel with a 3rd party gateway might not work.
    01269566 Administrators cannot log into CLI if they were created while Radius Authentications for Administrators was enabled in the WebUI.
    01136961 Accelerated connections from internal networks to the Internet fail when the Internet connection is bridged.
    Identity Awareness
    01313966 In some instances, rules that use local AD groups are not enforced on locally managed Check Point 1100 Appliances.
    This solution is about products that are no longer supported and it will not be updated

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