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What is a cp.macro file? Technical Level

What is it a cp.macro file?

A $CPDIR/conf/cp.macro file is an electronically signed file used by the Check Point software to translate the features included within the installed license(s) file into code, or primitives.

In most cases, you do not need to worry about your cp.macro files. Each release of Check Point software includes an updated cp.macro file which includes all current and past license features, as of the time that the software is released.

For example, the upgrade from R75 to R75.10 includes an updated cp.macro file that includes the primitives required to enable the Identify Awareness Software Blade license that was introduced in R75.10.


When do I need to install a new cp.macro file?

Check Point regularly releases new licenses as new software functionality is introduced.

As a result of this, licenses for the new software are occasionally installed on earlier software versions, prompting warning to occur during policy installation, or on the command line of the server(s).

These warnings are often informational only, and do not impact production environments. Occasionally these warnings may negatively impact the performance of the Check Point product.

Installation of a new cp.macro file in these situations will often (but not always) resolve these warnings.

On some occasions, the solution may involve the installation of a hotfix, as opposed to installation of a new cp.macro file on the server.

In order to determine if a new cp.macro file is warranted for a specific warning, please be sure to contact Account Services or refer to the SecureKnowledge article relevant for the warning received.

For further assistance, contact Check Point Account Services:

  • by using Live Chat
  • by completing an Online Form
  • by phone: Americas: +1-972-444-6600 option 5, or International: +972-3-611-5100 option 5

An example warning that might occur is:

"Warning: Can't find ::CPAP-IP15x in cp.macro file. License version may not be compatible"

How do I install a new cp.macro file?

Installation of the new cp.macro file should be completed on the server(s) reporting the warning. Please note: installation of a new cp.macro file requires stopping services on the server(s), and therefore a maintenance window may need to be scheduled depending on your business requirements.

To install a new cp.macro file:

  1. Run the command cpstop
  2. Change directory to the correct path by running the command cd $CPDIR/conf
  3. Move (do not delete) the exising cp.macro file to a new directory (i.e. /tmp)
  4. Add the new cp.macro file to the same path ($CPDIR/conf)
  5. Run the command cpstart

If you need assistance with moving files between directories, or moving the new cp.macro file to the server, contact Check Point Support.


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