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How to change my e-mail / username to access the User Center? Technical Level

Your e-mail address is your username and cannot be changed.

To change your e-mail / username, you have to register your new e-mail address.

Note: Only an account Administrator has the permissions necessary to add new users to an account.

In the event that your e-mail address changes, your new e-mail address must be added to the account, as if adding a new user.


To add a new username (e-mail address), as an Administrator, do the following:

  1. Log in to Check Point User Center.

  2. Go to the "Assets/Info" tab - select the "Account Contacts" option.

  3. On the right, in the "Account" field, select the account, to which you wish to add the new user, from the drop-down list.

  4. Click on the "Add User" button.

  5. Enter the new user's username (e-mail address).

  6. Designate the access level for the user, which should be the same as for the previous username.

  7. Click on the "Submit" button.

If the new user has not yet created a profile, you will see this message:

"User '[new user's e-mail address]' was not found. You may create an account for him here. Click on the link and complete the requested information. The new user will be granted a temporary account, and will be e-mailed a temporary password. The new user will be asked to properly complete their profile information during their first login."


Alternatively, you can create your new username and request to join an account:

  • Step 1 - Register your e-mail / username:

    1. Browse to

    2. In the "NEW CUSTOMERS" section, click on the "Sign up Now!" link.

    3. Complete the User Profile form.

    4. Click on the "Submit" button.

    After you create your User Profile, a system-generated e-mail will be sent to you. The e-mail will contain your User Center username and temporary password. You may change your password upon logging in.

  • Step 2 - Join a User Center Account ID

    In the event that your company has an existing User Center account, the Account Administrator can add you to this account through the User Center.

    To submit a request to the Account Administrator:

    1. Log in to

    2. Go to "Assets/Info" tab - select the "My Accounts" option.

    3. Click on the "Request to Access Account" button.

    4. Fill in the required information.

    5. Click on the "Submit" button.


For further assistance, contact Check Point Account Services:

  • by using Live Chat
  • by completing an Online Form
  • by phone: Americas: +1-972-444-6600 option 5, or International: +972-3-611-5100 option 5
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