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"syntax error at or near "s"" error appears in Windows Event Viewer and in 'lc_rt.log' file Technical Level
  • Windows Event Viewer shows the following error repeatedly in Application Log from 'PostgreSQL':
    Source: PostgreSQL
    Event ID: 0
    ERROR: syntax error at or near "s" at character N
    STATEMENT: SELECT * FROM Attack_Info WHERE Attack_Info_code = 14928 OR
    Attack_Info_name='Connections table's denial of service prevention mechanism'

  • $RTDIR/log_consolidator_engine/conf/<IP_Address>/lc_rt.log file shows repeatedly:
    [LogConsolidator] Error:'ATTACK_INFO' - can not set field's value
    [LogConsolidator] Warning:failed to process current Log record (FileName:fw.log, FileID:..., Pos:...)
    [LogConsolidator] Error:failed to insert ATTACK_INFO inter_code data (Connections table's denial of service prevention mechanism) into table
    [LogConsolidator] :ERROR:  syntax error at or near "s"
    LINE 1: = 37727 OR Attack_Info_name='Connections table's denial o...

Insertion to SQL database fails when a single apostrophe is present in the SQL query.

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