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Check Point R75.20 HFA 26 (R75.20.26) for 600 / 1100 Appliance and Security Gateway 80 Technical Level

Table of Contents

  • What's New in Check Point R75.20 HFA 26 for 600 / 1100 Appliance and Security Gateway 80
  • Check Point R75.20 HFA 26 Downloads
  • Check Point R75.20 HFA 26 Documentation
  • Check Point R75.20 HFA 26 Resolved Issues

For more information, see the Check Point 1100 Appliance Product Page and Check Point 600 Appliance Product Page. You can also visit our 2012 Models Security Appliances forum or any other Check Point discussion forum to ask questions and get answers from technical peers and Support experts.

Important Note: This may not be the latest firmware release. To see the latest firmware release, refer to sk97766.

What's New in Check Point R75.20 HFA 26 for 600 / 1100 Appliance and Security Gateway 80

  • New Activation and Registration process for 600 Appliances
  • Improved NAT capabilities
  • Security and Stability enhancements


Check Point R75.20 HFA 26 Downloads

Note: To download these packages you will need to have a Software Subscription or Active Support plan


Check Point R75.20 HFA 26 Documentation


Check Point R75.20 HFA 26 Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved with Check Point R75.20 HFA 26 for 600 / 1100 Appliance and Security Gateway 80:

Table of Contents

  • General Appliance Management
  • Local Security Management
  • Central Security Management
  • VPN
  • IPS
  • Identity Awareness
ID Symptoms
General Appliance Management
01202401 Enhancement: New activation and registration process during the First Time Configuration Wizard for 600 Appliances
01233329  404 error page in Web browser when opening help file on "Installed Certificated" page 
01220017  DDNS username validation is incorrect. 
01217400, 01225443  Slow boot time. In rare cases, the appliance does not respond after boot. 
01223104  Advanced configuration causes an interface to stay down after boot. 
01220985  "A network object or a network objects group with the same name already exists" error shown when editing a network object 
Local Security Management
01207784 Manual Firewall rules on WebUI/SSH port are not logged correctly when bridge is configured.
01213651  Failure when trying to configure the Radius server Administrators page 
01233349  "Error has occured while applying the Application Control settings (error 00355)" pop-up appears when applying APPI settings
01226187 ICMP is not blocked on a designated rule in some scenarios (mixed Firewall and Application Control rules).
01210073  Application Control updates are not downloaded in some scenarios (for Check Point 1100 Appliance in Centrally Managed mode only). 
01207557  Consecutive emails on same connection are not scanned if one of them is larger than 16k. 
01209855 Port forwarding works only behind gateway's IP address, not behind different IP addresses because of collision with static NAT.
01225759  Firewall rules following Application Control rules are not enforced if the Application Control blade is turned off. 
Central Security Management
01204375 Failed to push interface settings to the Check Point 1100 Appliance from SmartProvisioning.
01201806 Error shown when running a "delete" command from SmartProvisioning.
01210798 Missing notification about 443 port conflict between Internal Web Server and SSL VPN.
00264593  Trusted link does not work correctly when SecureXL is enabled on either side of the tunnel. 
01208683  Disabling one VPN site when there is another site defined and enabled shows popup error 00357. 
01217075  VTI interfaces are not persistent when rebooting. 
01213810  Disabling the VTI interface through the WebUI does not take effect. 
01205417 Enhanced support for Internet connection failover while using VPN in a Check Point 1100 Appliance.
01210124 IPS protection "SYN Attack" (SYNDefender) in Relay mode can cause connection drops and does not block SYN attacks.
01210075 Using a dash character "-" in the object name causes an IPS configuration load error "Error has occurred while applying the Intrusion Prevention (IPS) settings (error 00353)."
Identity Awareness
01234686 Identity Awareness does not work after turning it off and then back on.

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