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"Failed to allocate an IP address" error when using 'ipassignment.conf' file to assign Office Mode IP address
  • If user defined in 'ipassignment.conf' file, connects from Check Point Mobile VPN client (Android/iOS), user always gets a new Office Mode IP address, but old IP address will remain in om_assigned_ips table.

  • This can lead to situation where Office Mode IP addresses are exhausted on Security Gateway. As a result, "Failed to allocate IP address" error message will be displayed on the client and in SmartView Tracker.

  • This issue is not limited to Mobile VPN client and can be observed on EPC client, as well.

Check Point Mobile VPN clients never send disconnect messages or Check Point Tunnel Tests packets (to save the battery). Therefore, from the Security Gateway point of view, Check Point Mobile VPN clients are connected until the connection times out.

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