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Data Center Security Appliances R76SP Resolved Issues Technical Level

This article lists all of the issues that have been resolved in Data Center Security Appliances R76SP.

Important notes:

This article contains two sections:

  • Previously Non Supported Features
  • Known Limitations that were resolved

Note: If not stated otherwise, all items listed below apply to both Security Gateway and VSX Gateway.

Previously Non Supported Features

Table of Contents

  • General
  • Management and Policy
  • Networking Infrastructure
  • VPN
  • Dynamic Routing
  • IPv6
  • VSX


ID Symptoms
01096550 Dedicated log interface is not supported.
01096551 Management interface Monitoring is not supported.
01095537 VSX Gateway: Resource Control is not supported (Monitoring & Enforcement). Monitoring resolved.
Management and Policy

VSX Gateway: Application & URL Filtering updates and Anti Malware Updates do not take place for two hours after installing a Policy on a newly installed VSX Gateway.


  1. Enable the 'Application Control' blade and/or the 'URL Filtering' blade and/or 'Anti Malware' blade on VS0.
  2. Install the Policy.
  3. Make sure the Application/URL Filtering/Anti Malware Updates are successful.
  4. Enable 'Application Control' blade and/or 'URL Filtering' blade and/or 'Anti Malware' blade on other Virtual Systems.
  5. Disable them on VS0, if not needed.
  6. Install the Policy again.
Networking Infrastructure
01007477 All SGMs in environment must have same number of CPU cores. Hybrid Systems (61000 Security Systems with SGMs that have a different number of cores) are not supported.
01096558 Jumbo Frames are not supported.
01060678 VSX Gateway: Distribution Mode configuration for the bond slave interface with 'asg dxl set dist_mode' command is supported only if the bond interface is configured in the topology of a specific Virtual System.
01096567 VPN LTE is not supported.
Dynamic Routing
01096557 RIP protocol is not supported.
01175079 IPv6 is not supported.
01364668 Virtual Switches are not supported.


Known Limitations that were resolved

Table of Contents

  • Management and Policy
  • Global shell / Commands


ID Symptoms
Management and Policy
01128940 When resetting SIC in the VSX Gateway object managed by R76 Management Server and above, the following messages may appear after re-establishing the Trust: "Failed to retrieve the operation system version...".
If you then push the VSX configuration to the VSX object by clicking on 'OK', these errors appear: "Pushing network configuration to Virtual System operation has finished with errors" and "Can't handle Brazil Canada object".

To solve this:
  1. Close the VSX Gateway Properties window by cliking on [ X ] icon in the upper right corner (do not click on 'OK' or on 'Cancel').
  2. Open the VSX Gateway object.
  3. Click on 'OK'.
  4. Install the VSX Gateway policy onto the VSX Gateway object.
  5. Continue with the SIC reset operation.
Global shell / Commands
00641569 Running the 'asg_dxl stat' command after running the 'g_cpstopipf' command displays only one SGM in a traffic distribution scheme. This does not reflect the actual distribution scheme, because the distribution scheme was manually configured on the SSM during the 'g_cpstopipf' procedure.
00761029 The 'asg perf' command only runs if interfaces are assigned to specific CPU cores.
00662102 There is a difference between the throughput reported by Spirent Avalanche and the 'asg perf' command during the connection rate test. The 'asg perf' reported throughput is lower because it does not include the 12 bytes of the Ethernet header.
01087882 When restarting an SGM that is down after a change in the Distribution Mode, the SGM may continuously reboot. To resolve this, run the 'asg dxl dist_mode -f' command from an SGM that is UP and Enforcing Policy. When prompted to choose the Distribution Mode, choose the same Distribution Mode (old values are shown).
01053290 VSX Gateway: After configuring new Unique VMAC addresses using the 'asg_unique_mac_utility', reboot all SGMs to apply the change.

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