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Data Center Security Appliances R76SP Technical Level

Table of Contents

  • What's New in Data Center Security Appliances 61000 R76SP
  • Data Center Security Appliances 61000/41000 R76SP Downloads
  • Data Center Security Appliances 61000/41000 R76SP Documentation
  • Revision History
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What's New in Data Center Security Appliances 61000 R76SP


  • R76SP is based on R76, bringing stability and Security fixes from R77 and R77.10 releases.
  • IPv6 Firewall Inspection support, L2 and L3, both for Security Gateways and VSX environments

Performance Enhancements

  • Scalable Performance Pack (SecureXL) - allowing assigning up to 16 CPU cores to Performance Pack
  • HyperSpect support on SGM260
  • IPS optimization using asg_ips_enhance
  • Performance figures

    • Session rate - Up to 3M connections per second
    • Packet rate - Up to 100 Mpps
    • Firewall throughput - Up to 400 Gbps
    • Concurrent Connections - Up to 210M connections
    • SPU - Up to 33,000
    • IPS throughput (production) - 70 Gbps
    • VPN AES-128 110Gbps throughput


  • Improved monitoring and control of Distribution modes
  • VLAN-based distribution

Hardware Enhancements

  • SGM 260 support
  • Enhanced port density:

    • Up to 60 * 10G interfaces
    • Up to 8 * 40G interfaces
    • Up to 400 Gbps throughput

Hardware Integration

  • Enable and monitor 40G interface from SGM CLI
  • Restore SSM factory defaults from SGM CLI
  • Automatic SSM firmware upgrade

Monitoring & Reporting Enhancements

  • Monitor past and present system status (asg_archive)
  • Monitor and verify bond state (asg_bond)
  • Monitor and verify ARP entries across system SGMs
  • SNMP enhancements
  • New diagnostic tests

DDoS Protections

  • SynDefender Acceleration in Performance Pack (enabled by default)
  • Mitigate DDoS attack by limiting the traffic forwarded to a slow path (asg f2fq)

LTE Features

  • GTP v1 and v2 support
  • SCTP support
  • VPN S1 support
  • Multiple tunnels

NAT Protocol Support

  • NAT 44
  • NAT 66
  • NAT 64
  • Carrier Grade NAT (CGNAT)


  • Policy Based Routing (PBR)

Dynamic Routing

  • RIP v1 and v2 support
  • BGP

    • BGP Graceful Restart
    • BGP Multipath (BGP with ECMP)
    • BGP Peers Grouping to apply Import/Export Route maps
    • BGP ASPATH reg
    • BGP Communities matching with ASPATH regular expressions

VSX Enhancements

  • Support for up to 128 interfaces per Virtual System
  • asg_vsx_verify enhancements


  • Support 3rd party peers (sticky SA)


Data Center Security Appliances 61000/41000 R76SP Downloads

In order to receive the images, please contact the following mailing list
(it might take up to 24 hours to provide an answer, not including Fridays and Saturdays):

To speed up the process, please fill out this form and attach it to the e-mail request you send to the mailing list.

Note: For Official Data Center Security Appliances version names, see sk65305.


Data Center Security Appliances 61000/41000 R76SP Documentation


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