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IPMI errors and LOM stability issues on 13500, 13800, 21600, 21700 appliances Technical Level
  • IPMI related errors appear in /var/log/messages file on 13500, 13800, 21600, 21700 appliances:

    • kernel: ipmi01: WE SHOULD NOT BE HERE!!
      kernel: IPMI message handler: BMC returned incorrect response, expected netfn 2f cmd 6, got netfn 0 cmd 0

    • Max retry count exceeded. The LOM is not accepting our command
  • LOM hangs and LOM WebUI is unresponsive, and at the same time the Gaia Clish is noticeably slow on 13500, 13800, 21600, 21700 appliances.

  • Errored hardware-sensor reads, and spurious SNMP traps on hardware-sensors on 13500, 13800, 21600, 21700 appliances.

  • Delays or failures in policy installation.

  • There is no impact on the traffic that passes through Check Point appliance. But if the system is left in the error state for a long time, it can result in a system hang or crash


The 13500, 13800, 21600, 21700 appliances have a conflict between the LOM and the OS that results in these symptoms.

These appliances have a LOM card that reads the hardware sensors (default SNMP polling interval is 20 seconds). Therefore, Gaia OS and LOM card need to be synchronized. This synchronization mechanism leads to the delay.

The slowness is related to I2C (Inter-Integrated Circuit) bus, CPU and other system resources are not used/slowed.

This is the equivalent in the 21600 and 21700 appliances to the problem described in sk92788 for the 21400 appliance.

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