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Check Point R75.20 HFA 25 for 600 / 1100 Appliance and Security Gateway 80 Technical Level

For more information, see the Check Point 1100 Appliance Product Page and Check Point 600 Appliance Product Page. You can also visit our 2012 Models Security Appliances forum or any other Check Point discussion forum to ask questions and get answers from technical peers and Support experts.

Important Note: This may not be the latest firmware release. To see the latest firmware release, refer to sk97766.

Check Point R75.20 HFA 25 Downloads

Note: To download this package you will need to have a Software Subscription or Active Support plan.

Note: Distribution of this package with SmartProvisioning is supported starting from R75.47.


The following enhancements were incorporated into Check Point R75.20 HFA 25 for Security Gateway 80 and 600/1100 Appliance:

ID Symptoms
General appliance management
01193960 Added support for USB 3G modem UMW190 and ZTE MF190.
01174204 Added support for 3G modem Smartbro - ZTE MF667.
01192773 Improved error message for "set interface" command in CLI. 
01202321  Improved registration process for 600 Appliance. 
01199538 Server objects with Static NAT can use Port Address Translation. 
Web UI textual and graphical fixes
01196247 Search bar improvements. 
01192978 Improved Servers display table. 
01134521  Improved NAT page. 
01182373  Improved RADIUS servers configuration in the "Authentication servers" page. 
01200272 Display HFA version in WebUI. 
01196852  Improvement License page. 
01191934  Security enhancements for defining "expert" privileges .
01191147  Security enhancements for file downloads by administrators. 
01189510 Added a "Save user name" checkbox for Admin name in WebUI login page. 
General user interface improvements
01181729  Added print page capabilities to pages in the WebUI. 
01171687  Added remote upgrade for locally managed 1100 appliances.
01170264  Added support for secondary DHCP relay for any interface. 
01160610  Added ability to define a DNS server manually for remote access users. 
01157881  SSL Network Extender session timeout is configurable. 
01136974  DHCP service now includes port 68. 

The following issues have been resolved in Check Point R75.20 HFA 25 for Security Gateway 80 and 600/1100 Appliance:

Table of Contents

  • Centrally managing the 1100 appliance via Security Management
  • OS configuration
  • Local Security Management
  • VPN
  • General appliance management
ID Symptoms
Centrally managing the 1100 appliance via Security Management
01197892 RADIUS is not enabled when configured with SmartProvisioning.
01190755  LSM gateways sometimes send the LSM profile name instead of their own name in logs. 
OS configuration
01192895 Disabling NTP via CLI results in an error "Failed to register cp messaging. Daemon might be down. err=-15" even though operation succeeded.
01191945  lua stack traceback errors when running the set dhcp server interface LAN2 xwin-display-mgr none command. 
01191441  When DMZ port is disabled, the IP address is empty after reboot. 
01190690  1100 appliance unable to receive DHCP address due to static route conflict. 
01190966  The add bridge command fails.
01182615 lua stack traceback errors when running the add admin-access-ipv4-address command.
01190685  Wrong completion for the CLI command "show host name". 
Local Security Management
01203942 "No NAT" manual rule cannot be created.
01202675  System Notification error popup message while configuring Anti-Virus. 
01200453  Links do not function correctly when turning off the "Firewall" blade. 
01200064  IPS signatures are applied even when the IPS blade is turned off. 
01200051  In some instances, scheduled updates are not applied correctly. 
01196673 Server objects configured with Hide NAT are not translated correctly when used in the Rules' Destination column.
01196090  SNX remote access connection did not succeed when remote access port was changed from 443. 
01194084  Limit of 15 objects in a network object group when used in a firewall rule. 
01193944  Export of an internal certificate after adding additional certificates fails with "FullPath: you do not have permission to download the file" error. 
01192491  User Awareness AD server definition does not allow non-RFC characters that are allowed by Microsoft. If the domain name with meta-character is used, "invalid host name" error appears.
01189737 Occasional Validation error during Cluster configuration wizard with PPP interface.
01189309  During VPN reconfiguration SSL Network Extender disconnects.
01201612  Some VPN tunnels are hidden in the VPN Tunnels WebUI page. 
01203073  Site to Ste VPN does not work with a 3rd party gateway. 
01194455 VTI is configured incorrectly in Firewall kernel.
General appliance management
01182747 Interface is not deleted from the switch when clearing its checkbox in the switch configuration.
01181452  When creating a server, two contradicting identical automatic rules are created (block and accept). 
01175636  Incorrect netmask when creating static route. 
01131872  Sometimes Anti-Virus is not shown in the Updates widget.
01123685  Sometimes the cluster wizard does not complete - when hitting "Finish" button, loading mask is stuck.
This solution is about products that are no longer supported and it will not be updated

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