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Multicast address ranges are not supported for use in the rulebase Technical Level
  • If the object that was created by right-clicking on 'Address Ranges' -> 'Multicast Address Range...' is used in a rule, then the traffic will not match that rule. Instead, either the CleanUp rule will be matched, or a rule lower in the rulebase that matches the criteria for that traffic (Source, Destination, Service).

Only Unicast address ranges are supported in the rulebase.

"Multicast Address Range" is a special object that can be used only for joining a multicast group. Therefore, Multicast address ranges are intended for use only in the Topology of Security Gateways (Security Gateways - go to 'Topology' pane - select an interface - click on 'Edit...' - go to 'Multicast Restrictions' tab - check the box 'Drop multicast packets by the following conditions:' - click on 'Add...' button - select a Multicast address range object).

When a multicast address range is created in standard way (through editing a topology of specific interface in the Security Gateway object), the created multicast address range object is a special object called "multicast_address_range", which is not a "normal" address range. These address ranges cannot be used in the rulebase.


To use the same address range in the rulebase, standard Unicast address range should be created:

  1. Right-click on "Address Ranges" - go to submenu "Address Ranges" - select "Address Range...".

  2. Enter the required settings.

  3. Click on 'OK' to complete the object creation.

  4. Save the changes: go to 'File' menu - click on 'Save'.

  5. Create the relevant security rules with the new Unicast address range object.

  6. Save the changes: go to 'File' menu - click on 'Save'.

  7. Install the policy onto relevant Security Gateways.


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