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IPv6 ospfv3 advanced routing issue with injecting default gateway Technical Level
  • When pushing an IPV6 default route from a router to the firewall, the firewall will not peer with the router. When the default route is not there, the router will peer with the firewall.
  • In the OSPFv3 environment, an OSPFv3 neighbor publishes an IPv6 default route. The neighbor publishes the LSA without an external tag so the LSA length is 28 bytes.
  • routed rejects an OSPFv3 ASE LSA for length being smaller then the minimum.
  • Jul 19 11:09:09 OSPFv3: RECV fe80::100:4:2103:161 -> fe80::2a0:8eff:febb:fc47 LSU length 48 (48)
     rtrid area 10.255.72 csum 0xbdc instid 0 1 LSAs in LSU   0: ASE age 1183 id 0x1 adv       seq 0x80000001 csum 0x471f len 28     prefix options <> prefix :: externaltag 167772673 
    OSPF RECV end of packet Jul 19 11:09:09 Jul 19 11:09:09 OSPF IO: Malformed 5 LSA from neighbor

The issue is a wrong calculation for the ASE LSA length.

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