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What is required to get IPS Offline Updates? Technical Level

Check Point provides Offline IPS Updates for customers that have limited or no Internet connectivity from their SmartConsole.

The Offline Updates is an early availability, paid service that allows to update your firewall enforcement gateways locally without requiring an Internet-connected server.

Offline IPS access is only provided with Account Services authorization.

To receive Offline Updates, customers must meet these conditions:

  1. Requested User Center account has at least one valid IPS contract.
  2. The person requesting access is on the User Center account with valid IPS contract.
  3. The person requesting access works for the User Center account company, no free mail (such as Yahoo, Hotmail, Google mail, etc.).
  4. The request cannot come from or be for an alias email account.
  5. The person requesting access cannot be on a Partner Map account.

After each renewal of IPS services, this process will need to be repeated without the signing of the IPS offline Agreement. 

Account Services will need the contacts email address that  need to be extended for access to offline IPS per the same parameters above.


  • There is a minimum waiting period of 24 hours to get Offline Update after signing up.
  • Account Services do not take requests from Partners, or current Check Point employees on behalf of the customer. All requests must come from the End User directly.

If these conditions are met, contact Check Point Account Services.

Please do not use files from the "Downloads" section of Support Center for use with the Offline Update function, except in the circumstance where a specific bug fix was released. Doing so may be detrimental to the Management Server's operations.

To get more information about this service, please contact Account Services or your local Check Point Sales Representative.

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