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How to create "Allow and Forward" rule on Locally Managed Quantum Spark appliance Technical Level

To permit and direct incoming traffic from the Internet to a specific computer and/or servers inside your internal network with a specific service, you have to define an object that will represent the Server.

  1. With a web browser, connect to the appliance Web interface and log in.

  2. From the left navigation panel, click Access Policy > Servers (in the Firewall section)

  3. Click * New.

    The New Server Wizard opens.

  4. Configure the server type and click Next:

    There are 5 common built-in server types: Mail, DNS, Web Server, FTP, and Citrix Server.

    If you want to create a custom server, select only the Other server option and configure the required settings.

  5. Configure the server definitions and click Next:

    1. In the Name field, enter the object name
    2. In the IP address field, enter the IPv4 address of the server
    3. In the Comments field, enter the object description (optional)
    4. Select the applicable options (see the Administration Guide for your version)

  6. Configure the server access settings and click Next:

    Select the applicable zones to create the corresponding Access policy rule.

    Configure the applicable ping and logging options (see the Administration Guide for your version).

  7. Configure the server NAT settings and click Finish:

    To configure port forwarding:

    1. Select either Hide Behind Gateway or Static NAT

    2. Select Redirect from port

    3. Enter the port, on which the appliance needs to listen to the incoming traffic

For more information, refer to the Administration Guide for your version > section Defining Server Objects.

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