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2012 Models Security Appliances: 13000 Technical Level

Table of Contents

  • Key Features
  • Supported Versions
  • Documentation

For more information, see 2012 Models Security Appliances Known Limitations.
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Key Features

  • Proven, enterprise-class firewall, VPN, and intrusion prevention
  • Accelerated security performance, that includes SecureXL and CoreXL technologies
  • Integrated load balancing and dynamic routing for data center reliability levels
  • Centrally managed from Security Management Server / 13000 Appliance or as a standalone device
  • Automatic security protection updates from Check Point


Supported Versions

Version Software Image
R80.40 Check Point R80.40 Gaia Fresh Install and upgrade
R80.40 Gaia Fresh Install
Security Gateway Blink Image (Gaia Fast Deployment) for R80.40
R80.30 R80.30 Fresh Install and Upgrade for Security Gateway and Standalone
R80.30 Gaia Fresh Install for Security Gateway and Standalone
R80.20 R80.20 Fresh Install and Upgrade for Security Gateway and Standalone
R80.20 Gaia Fresh Install for Security Gateway and Standalone
R80.10 R80.10 Gaia Fresh Install
R80.10 Fresh Install and Upgrade from R7X
Dual Image R80.10 (Take 421) / R77.30 Gaia Clean Install for 2200 / 3000 / 4000 / 5000 / 12000 / 13000 / 15000 / 21000 / 23000 / Smart-1 25B,50,150,205,210,3050,3150 / Open Servers
R77.30 R77.30 Gaia Clean Install / Upgrade from Gaia OS R75.4x,R75.40VS,R76 using Legacy CLI on 2200 / 4000 / 12000 / 13000 / 21000 / Threat Emulation / Smart-1 / UTM-1 / Power-1 / IP Series / Open Servers (with support for SHA-256 based certificates) (Gaia)
Note: To install R77.30 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator on top of this ISO image, use Take 84 and above

Note: The 13800 model is supported only by Gaia OS versions R75.47, R77.20 and above (and it is not supported by SecurePlatform OS).


13500 / 13800 Documentation

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