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DNS Proxy feature of ISP Redundancy is not working Technical Level
  • DNS proxy is not working. The firewall is not intercepting DNS requests when enabling the feature through the ISP Redundancy settings.
  • The following could be seen in a debug taken with misp flag (fw module):misp_dns_chain: Type is 1 Class is 1;misp_dns_chain: Query;b_search: invalid search key;ld2_get_wto_ttl_aggr: not found;misp_dns_chain: Entry not found;misp_dns_done: called. reason (Unknown host);

When a DNS request is arriving the gateway with the DNS proxy feature enabled, the firewall is queries the misp_dns_map table with the wrong keysize. In misp_dns_chain the entry cannot be found, and therefore the request is not being intercepted by the gateway.

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