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Check Point R75.20 HFA 1 for 1100 Appliance Technical Level

For more information, see the Check Point 1100 Appliance Product Page and Check Point 600 Appliance Product Page. You can also visit our 2012 Models Security Appliances forum or any other Check Point discussion forum to ask questions and get answers from technical peers and Support experts.

Important Note: This may not be the latest firmware release. To see the latest firmware release, refer to sk97766.

The following new features have been added to Check Point R75.20 HFA 1:

  • 3D monitoring and reports
  • External Log Servers during local Security Management
  • L2TP support in remote access during local Security Management
  • Certificate management for VPN site-to-site during local Security Management
  • Support information web page

Download R75.20 HFA 1 image for 1100 Appliance (IMG)

Note: In order to download some of the packages you will need to have a Software Subscription or Active Support plan.

Note for 600 Appliances users: R75.20 600 Appliances firmware already contains R75.20 HFA 1


The following issues have been resolved in Check Point R75.20 HFA 1:

Table of Contents

  • Centrally managing the 1100 appliance via Security Management
  • OS configuration
  • Local Security Management
  • WebUI textual and graphical fixes
  • General appliance management


ID Symptoms
Centrally managing the 1100 appliance via Security Management
01149418 Enhancement: Performance optimization for deep packet inspection.
01129151  Local logging is not disabled by default on the 1100 appliance.
01159262  No auto-resolving of the LocalMachine dynamic object when using SmartProvisioning.
OS configuration
01155228 Internal error (System error) pops up while removing WLAN from a switch.
01155192 Internal errors pop up while removing WLAN from a switch while there is a VAP.
01162148  All error messages from the OS are shown as "temporary database failure". 
01161728  DHCP server stops working when DNS server received from the Internet connection is a server_name attribute.
01159890  "Save failed" error message when adding a static route with a /8 netmask via command line. 
01153809 Cannot turn wireless radio off if WLAN is a part of the switch. 
01152456  Creating Hotspot may produces "System error" pop up during certain configurations. 
01152797  Enhancement: Add "Use Hotspot" checkbox to the Local Network configuration tab. 
01126700  "Internal error" pops up when enabling Terms of use in the Hotspot configuration. 
01145343 Updated Default guest network configuration and User Experience for the Hotspot feature. 
01128590  Missing warning when deleting a bridge.
01139586  Analog modem port speed and flow control configuration are not applied correctly sometimes.
01138137  Bottom banner time widget is not updated immediately. 
01150235  When trying to define an internet with 3G cellular modem from the CLI with the UI default values, the "add internet-connection type cellular.." command fails with error:
"Error in setting the field internetConnection.type: Value is not valid
Error in setting the field internetConnection.interfaceName: Value is not valid"
01156495 Bridge deletion fails.
Local Security Management
01152543 Enhancement: Add automatic and manual DNS servers for Remote Access Office mode.
01150195  Missing IP/Network validation during Server definition. 
01147301  Custom file types cannot be edited or deleted in Anti-Virus UI.
01146614  When adding an AD domain, a blank pop-up appears and although the AD domain has been added, there is no indication to that.
01146611  No warning when adding an AD domain with over 1000 groups.
00263646  User notification page is not updated with Displayed Logo uploaded to device.
01145252  Enhancement: Add "Trusted Wireless Networks" and "Untrusted Wireless Networks" objects. 
01139593  Special characters in the portals cause configuration loads to fail.
The error is:
"fwobj_get_converted_set: Failed to create fwset instance
usercheck_configload_mgmt_do: Error reading converted sets!
appi_configload_mgmt: Error - usercheck_configload_mgmt_do failed /opt/fw1/bin/appi_configload: Unable to generate configuration.
Unable to configure appliance:
Internal error." 
01138958  Connection with AD server takes too long and sometimes stuck. 
01136976  "Current action is not supported for selected application" error pops up when creating a "limit bandwidth" rule for all outgoing traffic. 
Enhancement: Memory consumption during simultaneous updates of Application Control and IPS is now reduced. 
01133863 Missing advanced settings for application control engine. 
01147282 Wrong warning while configuring a user in source of a policy rule when User Awareness is disabled.
01156056  "Policy failed" notification after adding a new IPS exception. 
Web UI textual and graphical fixes
01155932 Missing capitalization in window titles on Radius page.
01160587 "Invalid character in search" pop up window during search of applications in Access policy control.
01157312  "Bad validation" error message in subnet mask field of the First Time Wizard's Internet page. 
01153597  No scrollbar in low resolution in the SNMP page. 
01143517  Disabling an internet connection sometimes causes an endless loading mask until refresh. 
01144354  Applications icon in description pop up is located below text. 
01143681 Service blades update status does not notify on license issues.
01142552  Missing top-right X to close edit pop up in Local & Wireless Networks pages. 
01140249  In Advanced tab of the Internet connection edit window, the text "ISP upload bandwidth" appears in "enable QoS (download)" and the text "ISP download bandwidth" appears in "enable QoS (upload)".
01132458  Wrong "Validation error" message when connecting to DHCP in First Time Wizard. 
01129288  Wrong status message during ADSL connection in First Time Wizard.
01140752 System operations load takes too long time.
01131689  Enhancements in Local encryption domain.
01137818  Internet and wireless links are misplaced on Firefox "Overview" page. 
01153823  Service names are cut on low resolution in QoS policy. 
01155099  In the Applications & URLs screen, some of the contents in the categories column are cut when viewing in a low resolution. 
General appliance management
01161323 If a new Advanced settings field is added to the data base, it will be removed from Advanced Settings during upgrade.
01148789  Missing option for "Connection Test" with Security Management server during quick deployment via USB. 
01134273  Invalid firmware upgrade description file causes a crash. 
01147141  Enhance information in cpinfo file. 
01134525  Broken links in online help. 
01131010 Cannot cancel upgrade image download after it was started. 
01125463  Collision between a regular administrator connected to the UI from LAN1 and a Radius administrator connecting from the WAN. 
This solution is about products that are no longer supported and it will not be updated

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