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'fwm logexport' is slow on Security Management Server Technical Level
  • 'fwm logexport' command takes long time to complete.

  • Examples:

    [Expert@r76mgmt]# time fwm logexport -i test.log -o export_lab.txt -n -p
    There are 998303 log records in the file
    Processed 990000 out of 998303 records (99%)
    real    20m43.114s
    user    20m8.142s
    sys    0m19.109s

    [Expert@r7540mgmt]# time fwm logexport -i cust_small3.log -o cust_small3.txt -n
    There are 500000 log records in the file
    Processed 500000 out of 500000 records (100%)
    real    0m29.214s
    user    0m18.475s
    sys    0m2.874s
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