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Policy verification fails for R76 Security Gateways when Connectra R66 object exists in database

Solution ID: sk93207
Product: Security Management
Version: R76
Platform / Model: All
Date Created: 19-Jun-2013
Last Modified: 09-Oct-2013
  • Policy verification fails for R76 Security Gateways with the following error:
    "/opt/CPsuite-R76/fw1/conf/<Policy_Name>.pf", line N: ERROR: cannot find <XXXp_pXXXp_pXXX> anywhere"
    where "XXXp_pXXXp_pXXX" is an object that contains dots (.) in its name (e.g., - i.e., every dot in the object's name was replaced by "p_p"

  • Policy verification succeeds when deleting Connectra R66 object from Security Management database.

Static NAT rules for Connectra R66 objects are not compiled correctly.

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