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Policy installation with MGCP protocol fails on R76 / R77.x Gateway with error "Error compiling IPv6 flavor" Technical Level
  • Policy installation in SmartDashboard fails with errors:
    "/opt/CPsuite-R76/fw1/conf/<Policy_Name>.pf", line N: ERROR: syntax error
    Error compiling IPv6 flavor.
    Compilation failed.
    Operation ended with errors.
  • It was found out that services using "Protocol Type" set to "MGCP_UDP" ("mgcp_MG" and "mgcp_ca") cause the failure.

  • If a new service (with same port number) is created with "Protocol Type" set to "None", then policy installation succeeds.
  • "/opt/CPsuite-R76/fw1/conf/<Policy_Name>.pf", line N contain MGCP_MATCH_UPON_HIDE_MAPPING macro

When services with "Protocol Type" set to "MGCP_UPP" are added to rulebase, then the macro MGCP_MATCH_UPON_HIDE_MAPPING is added in the policy to the IPv6 code section with an "ipv4" value.

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