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User Space process monitoring mechanism in ClusterXL R76 and above Technical Level
  • Errors when trying to register a pnote:

    • [Expert@Member]# cphaprob -d fwd -t NUM_OF_SEC -s ok -p register
      Failure detection mechanism is using drv pnotes (fwha_use_drv_pnotes = 1),
      Pnote registration is disabled (fwd)

    • [Expert@Member]# cphaprob -f FILE_NAME_WITH_PNOTES register
      Using drv_pnotes, only admin_down pnote can be loaded via conf file (FILE_NAME_WITH_PNOTES)


Starting in R76, the new process monitoring mechanism was added for cluster monitoring of critical User Space processes.

This mechanism works only on Gaia / SecurePlatform OS and it is enabled by default.

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