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sip_tls_authentication Service does not traverse the Security Gateway Technical Level
  • No dropped connection shown in SmartView Tracker..
  • No drops shown on kernel debugs.
  • SIP over TLS connection does not reach destination.

Service "sip_tls_authentication" is not supported for use on Security Gateways with version below R75.40VS.

In R75.40VS and above, there is partial support (see R75.40VS VoIP Administration Guide).

In R75.40VS and above, these predefined SIP services are available:

  • TCP:sip_tls_authentication - Used for unencrypted SIP over TLS (that is, authenticated only). NAT is not supported for connections of this type.
  • TCP:sip_tls_not_inspected - Insecure way of allowing SIP over TLS to pass without inspection.

For more information about SIP over TLS, see



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