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Upgrading Java to 64-bit on R77.x (up to and not after R77.30.01) Endpoint Security Server running on Gaia OS Technical Level

By default, Endpoint Security Server installed on Gaia OS runs Java 32-bit.

Endpoint Security Server also supports Java 64-bit, providing better performance for systems with RAM size equal to or larger than 4GB.

In order to use Endpoint Security Server in 64-bit mode, you must configure Gaia OS to automatically boot to the 64-bit kernel edition and upgrade Java to 64-bit.

  1. Configure Gaia OS to work in the 64-bit kernel edition:

    1. Connect to command line on Gaia OS.

    2. Log in to Clish.

    3. Configure the kernel edition:

      HostName> set edition 64-bit

    4. Save the Gaia Database:

      HostName> save config

    5. Reboot the machine.

    6. Verify that Gaia OS booted with 64-bit kernel edition. Run this command in Clish:

      HostName> show version all

  2. Upgrade Java to 64-bit

    1. Download Java 64-bit package (replace_ibm_jre_to_64_bit.tgz).

    2. Transfer the Java 64-bit package to your Endpoint Security Server (into some directory, e.g., /some_path_to_java/).

    3. Unpack the Java 64-bit package:

      [Expert@HostName]# cd /some_path_to_java/
      [Expert@HostName]# tar -zxvf replace_ibm_jre_to_64_bit.tgz

    4. Enter the folder replace_ibm_jre_64b:

      [Expert@HostName]# cd /replace_ibm_jre_to_64bit

    5. Set the required permissions for all the files in this folder:

      [Expert@HostName]# chmod 755 *

    6. Execute the update script:

      [Expert@HostName]# ./replace_ibm_jre_to_64_bit


    • In case of a failure, check the $UEPMDIR/logs/replace_ibm_jre_to_64_bit.log file.


To revert Java back to 32-bit:

Note: This step is mandatory on R77.20 Endpoint Security Manager before upgrading to R77.30 (Limitation 01679305).

Execute the update script with the "uninstall" flag:

[Expert@HostName]# ./replace_ibm_jre_to_64_bit uninstall


  • In case of a failure, check the $UEPMDIR/logs/replace_ibm_jre_to_64_bit.log file.
  • It is not required to configure Gaia OS to work back in the 32-bit kernel edition.
This solution has been verified for the specific scenario, described by the combination of Product, Version and Symptoms. It may not work in other scenarios.

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