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Changes in Check Point product and technology names Technical Level

Table of Contents:

  • Product and Technology Names
  • SmartDashboard Tab Titles
  • Related Solutions


Product and Technology Names

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Previous Name Existed
in Versions
New Name Introduced
in Version
Check Point Abra R75.20, R75.30 Check Point GO R75.40
Check Point Protect Check Point SandBlast Mobile Protect 2.58.0 for Android
2.58.2855 for iOS
(April 2017) 
Customer R71 and below Domain R75
Customer Log Module (CLM) R71 and below Domain Log Server R75
Customer Management Add-on (CMA) R71 and below Domain Management Server R75
Document Security 1.3 Capsule Docs on 30 Oct 2014
Eventia Analyzer R6x, R70 SmartEvent R71
Eventia Reporter R6x, R70 SmartReporter R71
Firewall-1 R6x and below Firewall R70
Identity Logging R70, R71 Identity Awareness R75
Infinity Threat Prevention R81 and below Autonomous Threat Prevention R81.10
Integrity R6x Endpoint Security R70
Integrity Clientless Security R6x Endpoint Security On Demand (ESOD) / Compliance Scanner (ICS) R70
IPS Event Analysis R70.12 SmartEvent Intro R71
Mobile (sk94691) - Deprecated
(was replaced by Capsule Workspace)
Mobile for Android devices (sk65314) - Mobile Enterprise (sk94691)
(was replaced by Capsule Workspace on 30 Oct 2014)
15 Sep 2013
Mobile VPN for iOS clients (sk69540) - Capsule Connect (see sk103149) 30 Oct 2014
Mobile VPN for Android clients (sk84141) - Capsule VPN (see sk103149) 30 Oct 2014
Mobile Enterprise (sk94691, sk92552 + sk97787 + sk98528, sk93775 + sk100544) - Capsule Workspace 30 Oct 2014
Mobile Threat Prevention (MTP) - SandBlast Mobile July 2017
Multi-Domain Log Module (MLM) R71 and below Multi-Domain Log Server R75
Multi-Domain Server (MDS) R71 and below Multi-Domain Server R75
Multi-User Host (MUH) R75, R75.20 Identity Awareness support for Terminal/Citrix Servers R75.40
Multi-User Host (MUH) Agent R75, R75.20 Terminal Servers Identity Agent R75.40
Provider-1 R71 and below Multi-Domain Security Management R75
Provider-1 MDG R71 and below SmartDomain Manager R75
ROBO Gateway R6x and below SmartLSM Security Gateway R70
SecureClient R60 and below Endpoint Security VPN  
Security Gateway Virtual Edition (VE) Hypervisor Mode R71, R75.20, R75.40 and R77.10 vSEC Gateway for NSX R77.20
SmartCenter server R6x and below Security Management server R70
SmartDefense R6x and below IPS R70
SmartDirectory (LDAP) R6x and below User Directory R70
SmartLSM management R6x and below SmartProvisioning R70
SmartPortal R6x Management Portal (1) R70
SSL VPN R71.20 and below Mobile Access R71
SSL VPN Software Blade R70, R71 Mobile Access Software Blade R75
Threat Prevention R80.40 and below Infinity Threat Prevention R81
VPN-1 (Power/UTM) Gateway R6x and below Check Point Security Gateway R70
VPN-1 UTM Edge R6x and below UTM-1 Edge R70
Web Filtering R6x URL Filtering R70
  1. Management Portal is disabled starting in R80.


SmartDashboard Tab Titles

Enter the string to filter this table:

Previous Name Existed
in Versions
New Name Introduced
in Version
Address Translation R6x and below NAT R70
Anti-Bot & Anti-Virus R75.40VS,
R75.45, R75.46,
R75.47, R76
Threat Prevention R77
Anti-Virus & URL Filtering

R70.X, R71.X, R75.X

Anti-Bot & Anti-Virus
(was renamed to Threat Prevention in R77)
R75.40VS, R76
Application Control


Application Control & URL Filtering R75.20
Connectra R6x SSL VPN R70
Content Inspection R6x and below Anti-Virus & URL Filtering R70
Messaging Security R65 Anti-Spam & Mail R70
Security R6x and below Firewall R70
SmartDefense R6x and below IPS R70
VPN R6x and below IPSec VPN R70


This solution is about products that are no longer supported and it will not be updated

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