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Mobile Access portal is occasionally unresponsive Technical Level
  • Mobile Access portal is occasionally unresponsive.

  • Running the 'cvpnrestart' command solves the problem.

  • In Status page (when enabled) all the httpd processes are in 'G' state (gracefully finishing), while actually no httpd processes are running on the GW.

  • Debug of HTTPD daemon shows:
    [CVPN_WARNING] Cvpn::WICreateRequestHook::execute: Sub-Request is not handled
    [notice] (10)No child processes: cannot send signal 10 to pid PID (non-child or already dead)

Root causes:

  • Apache Bug 42829:

    • Curl is stuck in endless NTLM negotiation.
    • Apache scoreboard is filled with dead processes.

  • During MAB policy installation, 'cvpnd_admin' policy is executed. This triggers graceful restart of all MAB HTTPD's child processes. Some of those child processes do not exit properly and scoreboard is getting filled up with dead processes. As a result, MAB portal can become unresponsive after several policy installations.

  • CVE-2012-0053 - Apache HTTP Server 'httpOnly' Cookie Information Disclosure Vulnerability

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