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Data Center Security Appliances R75.052 Technical Level

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Table of Contents

  • What's New in Data Center Security Appliances R75.052
  • Data Center Security Appliances R75.052 Downloads
  • Data Center Security Appliances R75.052 Documentation


What's New in Data Center Security Appliances R75.052


  • Bond monitoring
    • Consider logical interface health for chassis grade calculation
  • Multicast configuration and traffic forwarding:
    • PIM Dense Mode enhancements
    • Multicast acceleration bug fixes
  • Dynamic Routing durability enhancements
  • Support for "show configuration ospf"
  • Link Aggregation bug fixes
  • Fixed missing routes/MACs inconsistency after SGM/interface recovery
  • System alerts upon routes inconsistency
  • Improved logging for route events


  • Initial CPU SMT (hyper-threading) support
  • Allow SecureXL templates creation after traceroute rule
  • System Under Load fixes and enhancements

Policy and Software Blades

  • Performance optimization for software blades traffic handling
  • Identity Awareness improved durability
  • VPN bug fixes
  • Policy unload bug fixes

Synchronization and traffic forwarding

  • Session rate throttling support
  • Allow traffic forwarding between management and data ports
  • Support connections synchronization to all SGMs (user defined)
  • DNS handling bug fixes

Hardware integration

  • Tighten integration with DC chassis
  • Diagnostics utility improvements


Important notes:

This release includes all limitations of Data Center Security Appliances R75.050 and Data Center Security Appliances R75.051, unless listed as solved. See Data Center Security Appliances R75.05x Known Limitations.

Along with other improvements, the below issues were resolved in this release:

ID Symptoms
Networking Infrastructure
00952491 DNS replies are dropped as if they were new connections.
Management and Policy
01118437 In SmartDashboard, do not disable Stateful ICMP Replies (Global Properties -> Stateful Inspection -> Accept Stateful ICMP -> Replies).
Disabling Stateful ICMP Replies may cause system instability.
System Under Load miss-calculates system CPU utilization and generates false alerts.

For Official Data Center Security Appliances version names see sk65305

Data Center Security Appliances R75.052 Downloads

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Data Center Security Appliances R75.052 Documentation

This solution is about products that are no longer supported and it will not be updated

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