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No static routes are being seen upon bootup on Gaia Technical Level
  • No static routes are being seen at the Gaia OS level after reboot.

  • The "routed" daemon is not running (run 'ps auxw | grep routed' command).

  • Traffic that relies on dynamic routing is not passing.

The command 'drouter stop' was executed in Expert mode, and then the Gaia OS configuration was saved (either via the 'save config' command in CLISH, or via 'dbset :save' command the in Expert mode).

When this is done, the following line will no longer be saved within the Gaia database - /config/db/initial file:

process:routed t

When this line is missing from the Gaia database, the RouteD daemon will not be started upon Gaia bootup.

The problem is the '/bin/drouter' shell script. It uses the 'dbset' command (which modifies the Gaia database) instead of 'tellpm' command to start and restart the routed daemon.



Additional note about cluster environment:

After running 'drouter stop' command on a cluster member running Gaia OS, cluster will not recognize that the RouteD daemon is no longer running. The state of critical device 'routed' (sk92878) will not change.

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